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About Alonzo M. Flowers III, PhD.

Alonzo M. Flowers III, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Drexel University. Dr. Flowers specializes in educational issues including academic identity development of African American and Latino males in STEM education. In addition to his numerous national presentations, Dr. Flowers has recently co-authored a book entitled African American Student’s Guide to STEM Careers.  


Present Faculty Member, Drexel University

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

• Academic Achievement Identity in Education a. Academically gifted African American and Latino male students in engineering b. Examining notions of academic achievement throughout the Pk-20 pipeline for minority student populations • Teaching and Learning a. Developing a culturally cohesive curriculum (K-12, Community College, & Higher Ed.) b. Teaching methods for diverse student populations (Critical Consciousness) c. Teaching and learning methods/theories in a Pk-20 context • Student Development and Diverse Student Populations a. New implications for student development theories (theory to practice approaches) b. Men of Color and academic transition (Pk-20) c. Masculinity and student development theories