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A South Carolina Lawyer's Roadmap to Navigating the New E-Discovery Rules
Co-Chair, Federal Courts Law Review Symposium (2007)
  • Allyson W Haynes
The Federal Courts Law Review, the online publication of the Federal Magistrate Judges Association and the hard copy publication of the Charleston School of Law, proudly presents its inaugural symposium, co-sponsored by the South Carolina Bar Continuing Legal Education Division. Course Planners Allyson W. Haynes, a Charleston School of Law Professor, and The Honorable John M. Facciola, United States Magistrate Judge, District of Columbia, have assembled both nationally distinguished and locally experienced speakers. They will share their expertise, insights, and practical knowledge of the recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure pertaining to electronic discovery. Our esteemed keynote speaker is The Honorable John L. Carroll, Dean of Cumberland School of Law, Samford University, former United States Magistrate Judge for the Middle District of Alabama, former member of the U.S. Judicial Conference Committee on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and former chair of its Discovery Sub-Committee, and member of the Advisory Board for the Sedona Conference. This exciting symposium will detail and explore the real-world, practical effects of the rule changes, as presented by members of the judiciary, scholars, and practitioners who are most familiar with them. As the scope of discovery in litigation has been profoundly affected by the influence of technology and electronically stored information, today’s attorney must plan for electronic discovery issues at the outset of litigation. The program will feature in-depth discussions of preservation obligations and challenges, litigation holds, spoliation, limits of the rule’s “safe harbor,” forms of production, and reasonable access to data. The program will also include practical advice on the development and implementation of an electronic discovery plan. The ethics component will delve into the issues of privilege review and waiver, inadvertent disclosure, and selective waiver. A judicial roundtable on the new rules and the status of changes to the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure will conclude the program.
  • E-discovery
Publication Date
April, 2007
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Allyson W Haynes. "A South Carolina Lawyer's Roadmap to Navigating the New E-Discovery Rules" Co-Chair, Federal Courts Law Review Symposium (2007)
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