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Measuring the Relative Influence of Financial Research
Financial Management Association Annual Meeting (2012)
  • Allissa A. Lee, Georgia Southern University
  • Kenneth A. Borokhovich, Miami University
  • Betty J. Simkins, Oklahoma State University
We assess citation based measures to determine the relative influence of financial research and examine the breadth and depth of influence exerted by six broad-ranging finance journals. We find that leading finance journals are highly comparable and among the most influential journals in the social sciences with influence extending well beyond finance. We show that Financial Management, the Journal of Banking and Finance and the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis serve different segments of the research community. Finally, we demonstrate the decided differences to which the degree of influence exerted by the journals is determined by their self-citation rates.
  • Journal influence,
  • Journal rankings,
  • Citations,
  • Self-citation rates
Publication Date
Atlanta, GA
Citation Information
Allissa A. Lee, Kenneth A. Borokhovich and Betty J. Simkins. "Measuring the Relative Influence of Financial Research" Financial Management Association Annual Meeting (2012)
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