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The Corporate Finance Research Environment
Financial Management Association Annual Meeting (2013)
  • Allissa A. Lee, Georgia Southern University
  • Kenneth A. Borokhovich, Cleveland State University
  • Betty J. Simkins, Oklahoma State University
We examine the field of corporate finance research at three different points in time to determine its evolution and range of influence. We find a broad corporate research environment with influence that extends well beyond finance as evidenced by citations in some of the most influential journals in the Social Sciences. Our study will be of interest to those attempting to understand the influence corporate research has in the field as well as the dissemination of such information. Further, this study will be of great import to those considering what journals to target in a competitive research field. 
  • Journal influence,
  • Journal rankings,
  • Cites
Publication Date
Chicago, IL
Citation Information
Allissa A. Lee, Kenneth A. Borokhovich and Betty J. Simkins. "The Corporate Finance Research Environment" Financial Management Association Annual Meeting (2013)
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