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Unpublished Paper
The Indian Novel: The Indigenization of the English Novel in India
  • Allison M Smyth, Miss, University of Windsor

In the early years of the nationalist movement the Indian people looking to break free from colonial domination. While the British novel became very popular among Indian book buyers and library borrowers, its subjects and themes did not necessarily agree with Indian history and traditions. After 1865 Indian authors began indigenizing this popular literary form through a series of experiments and debates about the form the Indian novel would take, and its similarities and differences from the British form. In a relatively short time period the Indian novel developed and became a founding component of what would become the Indian nationalist movement because it was a symbol of the possibility of the indigenization of the colonizers’ forms.

  • India,
  • Novel,
  • History of the Book,
  • English Novel,
  • Print Culture
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Allison M Smyth. "The Indian Novel: The Indigenization of the English Novel in India" (2014)
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