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Re(de)fining Narrative Events: Examining Television Narrative Structure
Journal of Popular Film and Television
  • M. J. Porter
  • D. L. Larson
  • Allison Harthcock, Butler University
  • K. B. Nellis
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The authors introduce a new analytical instrument, the Scene Function Model, as an expansion of Seymour Chatman's theoretical classification of story events into kernels and satellites. The Scene Function Model is designed to examine the narrative function of television scenes and provide the user with a clearer understanding of the structure of the television narrative.

This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in JOURNAL OF POPULAR FILM AND TELEVISION on April 2, 2010, available online:

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Porter, M.J., Larson, D.L., Harthcock, A., & Nellis, K.B. (2002). Re(de)fining narrative events: Examining television narrative structure, Journal of Popular Film and Television, 30, 23-30. Available from: