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About Allison Bethel

While in law school, Allison Bethel received numerous awards for advocacy. She
started her legal career in the private sector, specializing in civil trial work,
including personal injury, commercial litigation, and condominium issues. In 1996, she
joined the Florida Attorney General's Eminent Domain Division, representing the
Florida Department of Transportation in million-dollar property acquisitions. In 1998,
then Attorney General Robert Butterworth appointed Professor Bethel assistant director of
the Civil Rights Division and promoted her to director in 2000. Professor Bethel joined
the John Marshall faculty in April 2008 and directs the Fair Housing Clinic's work
supervising students as they litigate fair housing cases.


Present Clinical Professor, John Marshall Law School

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The John Marshall Law School
315 S. Plymouth Court
Chicago, IL 60604
Phone: 312.427.2737


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