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Unpublished Paper
Book Review of: Crime in an insecure world: By Richard Ericson
  • Allen Gnanam, University of Windsor

Crime in an Insecure World written by Richard Ericson, depicts western society as a neo-liberal state, that has an impulsive tendency to criminalizes all sources of harm through precautionary logic, risk assessment, surveillance measures, and counter law I and II, due to the dominant culture of impulsive criminalization that produces uncertainty. Counter Law, precautionary logical, risk assessment, and uncertainty are the 4 major concepts discussed by Ericson, and these concepts will be analyzed and interpreted during this book review.

  • Crime,
  • Insecure,
  • World,
  • Richard Ericson,
  • Crime in an insecure world,
  • Risk assements,
  • counter law,
  • precautionary logic,
  • neo liberal culture
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Allen Gnanam. "Book Review of: Crime in an insecure world: By Richard Ericson" (2009)
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