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Unpublished Paper
  • Allen Gnanam, University of Windsor

Acculturation is an experience/ phenomenon that occurs when groups of individuals with different cultural backgrounds engage in on going/ continuous physical contact, which in turn causes one or more of the different cultures too experience adaptation/ a change in their original cultural practices (Berry, 1997); (Berry, 2008). Acculturation is a phenomenon that occurs at a macro level/ group level and a micro level/ individual level, and this means that an individual of a certain ethnic minority group can experience acculturation differently than their ethnic minority group (Berry, 1997). Macro level acculturation occurs when the original culture of a specific ethnic minority group undergoes a change in cultural practices, due to on going physical contact with a different culture (Berry, 1997). Micro level acculturation is known as psychological acculturation, which refers to a psychological change that a single individual experiences due to the acculturation phenomenon (Berry, 1997); (Berry, 2008). This literature view will initiate by discussing four important concepts associated with the acculturation theory, then this review will present pan-cultural research evidence in order to illustrate the four acculturation concepts, with that, explanations identifying how the acculturation theory helps us comprehend pan- cultural ethnic differences and similarities will be highlighted, and next the potential weaknesses of the acculturation theory will be presented. In close this literature review will summarize how the acculturation theory impacts the ABC’s of psychology, namely affect, behaviour, and cognition.

  • Culture,
  • psychology,
  • social psychology,
  • acculturation,
  • macro,
  • micro,
  • cultural,
  • practices,
  • psychological,
  • pan cultural,
  • assimilation,
  • separation,
  • integration,
  • marginalization,
  • ethnic minority,
  • social,
  • relations,
  • exclusionist,
  • equality,
  • rights,
  • adaptation,
  • gender,
  • theory,
  • cross cultural,
  • acculturation theory
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Allen Gnanam. "Acculturation" (2008)
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