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The Rose-Hulman Approach to Undergraduate Research - What Works for Us
AMS-MAA Joint Meeting - Baltimore (1998)
  • Sean A Broughton
The Rose-Hulman approach to undergraduate research, as practiced in its summer REU program, stresses:
  • "doable", interesting problems
  • student - student & student -faculty collaboration
  • computer experimentation (Magma, Maple)
  • student presentations and writing
  • consistent, though loose focus

and is supported by the RHIT programs:
  • Undergraduate Math Conference
  • Technical Report Series
  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Undergraduate Mathematics Journal (started March 2000)

The talk gives some background on Rose-Hulman, some examples of  "doable" problems, and some thoughts on building the summer program philosophy  into the regular program.
  • undergraduate mathematics reserarch,
  • REU
Publication Date
January 8, 1998
Baltimore, MD
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Sean A Broughton. "The Rose-Hulman Approach to Undergraduate Research - What Works for Us" AMS-MAA Joint Meeting - Baltimore (1998)
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