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Scientific Visualization and Trigonometry: Do They Mix?
New College ofFlorida Data Science Seminar (2016)
  • Sean A Broughton
Visualizing abstract concepts and data sets is a key way to understand concepts, patterns, scientific relationships, and discover anomalies. Much of this information can arise from medical data, the physical sciences, engineering,  computational science, and data science.  The typical data we get is a signal which can be an audio signal, an image, or video or something of even higher dimension. We can listen (audio) , view (image), or watch (video) these signals as a form of scientific visualization.  Signal processing is the art of analyzing these signals.  After discussing various types of signals and their presentation, we will focus on certain methods that rest on the mathematics of linear algebra and some calculus. And yes, we will be able to answer the question in the title.
  • Scientific visualization,
  • signal and iamge processing,
  • Discrete Fourier transform,
  • frames
Publication Date
October 7, 2016
Sarasota, FL
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Sean A Broughton. "Scientific Visualization and Trigonometry: Do They Mix?" New College ofFlorida Data Science Seminar (2016)
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