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Sabbatical Travelogue: Sweden, Spain, and China
Rose-Hulman Global Studies Faculty Seminar (2017)
  • Sean A Broughton
Last spring  I was on sabbatical, visiting my research colleagues in Sweden and Spain, followed up by a five city vacation/tour in China. While in Sweden and Spain I made courtesy visits to our global partner schools:
  • KTH in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Pontificia Comillas in Madrid Spain  
I will talk about my impressions of our partner schools, and the culture of their home cities. If there is time I will briefly discuss our China visit and what I learned about the home country of many of our international students. My goals are to show a lot of pictures and answer questions of any students or faculty thinking of an academic visit to these schools.
  • KTH,
  • Pontificia Comillas
Publication Date
May 15, 2017
Terre Haute, IN
Some pictures and videos not in the .PDF file.
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Sean A Broughton. "Sabbatical Travelogue: Sweden, Spain, and China" Rose-Hulman Global Studies Faculty Seminar (2017)
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