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Moduli space - Geometry/Math with Letters
Rose Math Seminar (2016)
  • Sean A Broughton
We have a notion about when two geometric objects e.g., triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, and ellipses are similar. Can we make measurements of the objects so we can exactly determine when two objects are similar?  Such measurements are called moduli. Collecting all the moduli together into a moduli space allows us to talk about all the objects at once. In this talk we will start off with moduli spaces of simple objects and then move on on to  moduli spaces of more complex geometric objects such as Riemann surfaces.
  • moduli,
  • moduli space,
  • Riemann surface
Publication Date
September 7, 2016
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute IN
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Sean A Broughton. "Moduli space - Geometry/Math with Letters" Rose Math Seminar (2016)
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