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Using Strong Branching to Find Automorphisms of n-gonal Surfaces
Albanian Journal of Mathematics (2018)
  • Sean A Broughton
  • Charles Camacho, Oregon State University
  • Jennifer Paulhus
  • Rebecca R Winarski, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Aaron Wootton, University of Portland
The problem of finding full automorphism groups of compact Rie-mann surfaces is classical, though complete results are only known for a few families. One tool used in some classification schemes is strong branching; a condition derived by Accola in [1]. In the following, we survey the main ideas behind strong branching including a general survey of current results. We also provide new results for families for which we can find the full automorphism group using strong branching and an inductive version of strong branching.
  • automorphism groups of surfaces,
  • hyperelliptic surfaces,
  • superelliptic sur-faces,
  • strong branching
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Sean A Broughton, Charles Camacho, Jennifer Paulhus, Rebecca R Winarski, et al.. "Using Strong Branching to Find Automorphisms of n-gonal Surfaces" Albanian Journal of Mathematics Vol. 12 Iss. 1 (2018) p. 89 - 129 ISSN: 1930-1235
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