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On the Topology of Polynomial Hypersurfaces
Faculty Publications - Mathematics
  • S. Allen Broughton, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
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It is shown that for a large class of polynomials (tame polynomials), F: Cn -> C, the smooth level sets F-1 (a) have the homotopy type of a bouquet of spheres of dimension n , where µ, is the total Milnor number of F. A siimilar result under slightlv different hypotheses has been reported by Kouchnirenko. The result is deduced from the Milnor Fibration Theorem using standard homology and homotopy arguments.

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Broughton, S.A. (1983). On the topology of polynomial hypersurfaces. In Proceedings of the Symposia Pure Mathematics, 40, 167-178.