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Waiting for Coraf: A Critique of Law and Rights
  • Allan C. Hutchinson, Osgoode Hall Law School of York University
Although primarily focusing on Canadian cases and writings, Hutchinson raises concerns that stretch well beyond Canada's boundaries. He condemns the assumptions and institutions associated with liberalism generally and shows how even critics of constitutional decision-making remain within flawed liberal premises. The book's coup de grace lies in its analysis of some leading decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada, revealing the extent to which the Court has tendentiously interpreted many supposedly fundamental rights and freedoms. Thus exposing the constitutional enactment of rights as an elaborate legal mechanism that lulls citizens into political quietism, Hutchinson champions a style of politics that engages the virtues of democratic dialogue over the vices of rights-talk.
Publication Date
University of Toronto Press
  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms,
  • Civil Rights,
  • Democracy,
  • Constitutional law,
  • Canada

Bibliographic Citation
Hutchinson, Allan C. Waiting for Coraf: A Critique of Law and Rights. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press, 1995. Print.

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Allan C. Hutchinson. Waiting for Coraf: A Critique of Law and Rights. Toronto, Ontario(1995)
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