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Implementation of the Job Training Partnership Act: Final Report
External Papers and Reports
  • Robert F. Cook
  • Caricia J. Fisher
  • H. Allan Hunt, W.E. Upjohn Institute
  • Sarah F. Liebschutz, State University of New York - Brockport
  • Gretchen Maclachlan, Clark College
  • Susan A. MacManus, Rice University
  • Mark J. Morlock, California State University - Chico
  • Kenneth T. Palmer, University of Maine
  • Alex N. Pattakos, University of Maine
  • V. Lane Rawlins
  • Kalman Rupp, Kalman Rupp and Associates
  • Wayne Turnage
U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, Division of Research and Evaluation
Issue Date
November 1985
Contract No. 99-3-0584-75-104-01
Prepared for Division of Research and Evaluation, Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Development, Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor ; Contract No. 99-3-0584-75-104-01
Citation Information
Cook, Robert F., Caricia J. Fisher, H. Allan Hunt, Sarah F. Liebshutz, et al. 1985. "Implementation of the Job Training Partnership Act: Final Report." Rockville, MD: Westat, Inc.