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Do Student Perceptions of Diversity Emphasis Relate to Learning of Psychology?
Teaching of Psychology
  • J. E. Elicker
  • A. Snell
  • Allison L. O'Malley, Butler University
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We examined the extent to which students' perceived inclusion of diversity issues in the Introduction to Psychology course related to perceptions of learning. Based on the responses of 625 students, multilevel linear modeling analyses revealed that student perceptions of diversity emphasis in the class were positively related to how well students believed they understood concepts and the extent to which they believed they learned concepts they could apply to their lives. We also examined the relation between individual differences (e.g., age, race) and perceived learning. We discuss the importance of including issues of diversity in psychology classes.

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Elicker, J. E., Snell, A., & O’Malley, A.L. (2010). Do student perceptions of diversity emphasis relate to learning of psychology? Teaching of Psychology, 37, 36-40.