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Evolving complex organizational structures in new and unpredictable environments.
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  • Lynne Butel
  • Alison L. Watkins, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
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Alison L. Watkins

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In this research, the process of mutation and creation described by genetic algorithms (GAs) is used to explore the patterns of evolving strategic decision making by organizations faced with rapidly changing and unpredictable environmental conditions. Building upon the research into logical incrementalism, strategic development, and adaptive strategies, this research develops a model of strategic decision making that allows for the systematic manipulation of all output, process and input variables. A model of the selection and utilization of strategies under changing environmental conditions is constructed form observations of specific companies and tested on subsequent outcomes of the strategic decision-making process. The evolving market for the once public utilities in Britain was chosen to be the first studied in this project.


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Butel, L. & Watkins, A. (2000). Evolving complex organizational structures in new and unpredictable environments. Journal of Business Research, 47, 27-33. doi: 10.1016/S0148-2963(98)00054-X