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Effect of Foliar Fungicides on Hail-damaged Corn
Plant Health Progress
  • Adam J. Sisson, Iowa State University
  • Yuba R. Kandel, Iowa State University
  • Alison E. Robertson, Iowa State University
  • Chad E. Hart, Iowa State University
  • Amy Asmus, Asmus Farm Supply
  • Stith N. Wiggs, Iowa State University
  • Daren S. Mueller, Iowa State University
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To test if fungicide applied to hail-injured corn improves yield and reduces disease, we simulated hail at VT and R2 growth stages for three years at three Iowa locations for a total of five site years. Hail damage was simulated using a string trimmer or an ice-propelling machine and non-hail controls were included. Estimated defoliation ranged from 5 to 51%, along with ear and stalk injury. After hail events, Headline AMP fungicide (pyraclostrobin + metconazole) was applied at an “immediate” or “deferred” timing (averaging 3 and 8 days afterwards, respectively). A non-fungicide treated control was included in hailed and non-hail control plots. Hail injury reduced fungal foliar disease compared to plants without hail injury, although overall disease severity was low during this study. Hail events at VT or R2 decreased yield compared to control plots (P = 0.1). Fungicide application did not provide yield-increasing plant health benefits after VT and R2 hail, at either “immediate” or “deferred” timing. While yield differences were not statistically significant, a cost/benefit analysis showed deferred fungicide application after VT hail, and immediate and deferred applications after VT for non-hail plots did provide positive economic returns. Results will help inform decisions about fungicide use in hail-damaged corn when foliar diseases are not present at high levels.

This article is published as Sisson, A. J., Kandel, Y. R., Robertson, A. E., Hart, C. E., Asmus, A., Wiggs, S. N., and Mueller, D. S. 2016. Effect of foliar fungicides on hail-damaged corn. Plant Health Prog. 17:6-12. doi: 10.1094/PHP-RS-15-0046. Posted with permission.

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The American Phytopathological Society
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Adam J. Sisson, Yuba R. Kandel, Alison E. Robertson, Chad E. Hart, et al.. "Effect of Foliar Fungicides on Hail-damaged Corn" Plant Health Progress Vol. 17 Iss. 1 (2016) p. 6 - 12
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