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In Vitro Effect of Biofield Energy Treated DMEM On Mitochondrial Biogenesis Using Myoblasts Cell Line, C2C12
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences (2019)
  • Alice Branton, Trivedi Global Inc.
  • Snehasis Jana, Trivedi Science Research Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.
Mitochondria, a signaling organelles are responsible for energy metabolism within the cell, while its dysfunction in any form could results in the cell death due to an increased oxidative stress and that leads to various metabolic diseases. The aim of the present study was to examine the effect of Consciousness Energy Healing based DMEM medium on murine myoblasts (C2C12) cells to evaluate the mitochondrial mass content using 10-N-nonyl acridine orange (NAO) dye assay. The test item, DMEM was divided into three parts. First part did not receive any sort of treatment and defined as the untreated DMEM group. The second and third parts were treated with the one-time and two-times Biofield Energy Treatment by a renowned Biofield Energy Healer, Alice Branton and coded as the one-time Biofield Energy Treated DMEM (BT-I) and two-times Biofield Energy Treated DMEM (BT-II) groups, respectively. Cell viability of the test items using MTT assay showed 72.32%, 97.89%, and 104.96% viable cells in the untreated DMEM, BT-I, and BT-II groups, respectively suggested that the test items were nontoxic and safe in murine myoblasts (C2C12) cells. Further, the mitochondrial mass content in terms of Fluorescence Unit (FU) was significantly (p≤0.05) increased by 43.11% and 64.52% in the BT-I and BT-II groups, respectively in C2C12 cells compared to the untreated DMEM group. Thus, overall experimental data suggested that two-times blessed DMEM showed a significant improvement of mitochondrial mass content and results in better thermogenesis. In the present study, results demonstrated that an increased mitochondrial mass content in the cells, when treated with The Trivedi Effect®. This indicates that the Biofield Energy Treated DMEM has the great potential to improve thermogenesis, which can be used against various metabolic diseases, such as insulin resistance, type-2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.


  • Biofield Energy,
  • DMEM,
  • Metabolic disorders,
  • Mitochondrial biogenesis,
  • Murine myoblast cell,
  • The Trivedi Effect®,
  • Thermogenesis
Publication Date
April 16, 2019
Citation Information
Branton A, Jana S (2019) In Vitro Effect of Biofield Energy Treated DMEM On Mitochondrial Biogenesis Using Myoblasts Cell Line, C2C12. J Pharma Pharma Sci: JPPS-177. DOI: 10.29011/2574-7711.100077
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