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Rezaei Taghinezhad Dastpak.pdf
MJLTM (2017)
  • Ali Taghinezhad
A complement clause is a clause that is introduced by a complementizer like “that”
or “whether”. A complement clause is connected to a preceding noun, verb, or
adjective. In Persian, however, there is only one complementizer, “Ke”, equivalent
to  “that”  complementizer  in English. There  are  different  types  of complement
clauses in English and Persian which will be discussed in details. This article aimed
at discussing the similarities and differences of complement clauses in English and
Persian. The findings of this study can be useful for English learners who are
interested in learning Persian and vice versa. 
Publication Date
Summer 2017
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Ali Taghinezhad. "Rezaei Taghinezhad Dastpak.pdf" MJLTM (2017)
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