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Taghinezhad, Khalifeh, Hosseini.pdf
Journal of Applied Linguistics and Language Research (2017)
  • Ali Taghinezhad
This study aimed at investigating the order of using Persian interrogative words used by 1 to
3 year-old children. To do so, two children were selected in Behesht kindergarten in
Kazerun, Iran. All the words used by these two children were recorded full and the
interrogative words were extracted. The children’s utterances were transcribed and then
analyzed using SPSS. The results indicated that children used the interrogative words “what”
and ‘where’ more frequently than other interrogative words. The children also used the
interrogative words ‘who’ and ‘why’ between two to three years of age. The frequency and
order of these two Persian interrogative words were similar to those of their English
counterparts. The implications of the findings will be provided at the end of the study. 
  • interrogative words,
  • Persian-speaking children,
  • kindergarten,
  • child’s language
Publication Date
Winter February 4, 2017
Citation Information
Ali Taghinezhad. "Taghinezhad, Khalifeh, Hosseini.pdf" Journal of Applied Linguistics and Language Research (2017)
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