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Unpublished Paper
Study of tourists’ rights in Iran with emphasis on urban tourist rights
ExpressO (2010)
  • Ahmad Pourahmad, University of Tehran
  • Ali Hosseini, University of Tehran
  • Mohamad Shabanifard, University of Tehran
  • Omid Soltanipour

Achieving effective and organized development in the area of urban tourism activities is a wise and complex process and involves proper regard to all dimensions of tourists’ activities. Domestic and foreign tourists, once in urban spaces, enjoy all citizenship rights and urban management certainly involves directly or indirectly by providing their needs and solving their problems. Sometimes because of being away from their homelands, tourists would have more expectations than domestic citizens from city managers. And this level of expectations, would encounter urban management systems and institutions with a responsibility which could make the ecological and social system of the city suffer from confusion unless ruling a wise system and codifying various and specified rules for them. Achieving stability in a tourism system which includes tourism supply and demand needs wise legal supports in urban tourism industry. In case of presence of proportional legal supports, urban tourism system can help prevent from confusion in city system as an effective means for balanced and sustainable development of the city. This article aims at recognition, study and evaluation of urban tourism indexs and legal supports for tourists in Iran.

  • urban tourism,
  • tourists,
  • tourists’ rights,
  • Iran
Publication Date
April 6, 2010
Citation Information
Ahmad Pourahmad, Ali Hosseini, Mohamad Shabanifard and Omid Soltanipour. "Study of tourists’ rights in Iran with emphasis on urban tourist rights" ExpressO (2010)
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