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Superhydrophobic Conductive Carbon Nanotube-Based Coatings for Steel
  • Sunny Sethi, The University Of Akron
  • Ali Dhinojwala, The University Of Akron
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We report the synthesis of superhydrophobic coatings for steel using carbon nanotube (CNT)-mesh structures. The CNT coating maintains its structural integrity and superhydrophobicity even after exposure to extreme thermal stresses and has excellent thermal and electrical properties. The coating can also be reinforced by optimally impregnating the CNT-mesh structure with cross-linked polymers without significantly compromising on superhydrophobicity and electrical conductivity. These superhydrophobic conductive coatings on steel, which is an important structural material, open up possibilities for many new applications in the areas of heat transfer, solar panels, transport of fluids, nonwetting and nonfouling surfaces, temperature resilient coatings, composites, water-walking robots, and naval applications.
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Sunny Sethi and Ali Dhinojwala. "Superhydrophobic Conductive Carbon Nanotube-Based Coatings for Steel" Langmuir Vol. 25 Iss. 8 (2009) p. 4311 - 4313
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