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Melting at Alkyl Side Chain Comb Polymer Interfaces
Physical Review Letters
  • K. S. Gautam
  • Ali Dhinojwala, University of Akron Main Campus
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Infrared visible sum frequency generation (SFG) spectroscopy has been used to study structure and melting transition temperatures of alkyl-side chain-acrylate comb polymers at air and solid interfaces. At the air interface, the SFG spectra show methyl bands and two transitions are observed: the first, near the bulk melting temperature, T-m, and the second 10-20degreesC higher than T-m. The shorter the alkyl side chain, the larger the difference between the two transition temperatures. In contrast, methylene bands are observed at sapphire interface with a single transition near T-m (C18).
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K. S. Gautam and Ali Dhinojwala. "Melting at Alkyl Side Chain Comb Polymer Interfaces" Physical Review Letters Vol. 88 Iss. 14 (2002)
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