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Temperature Dependent Droplet Impact Dynamics on Flat and Textured Surfaces
Applied Physics Letters
  • Azar Alizadeh
  • Vaibhav Bahadur
  • Sheng Zhong
  • Wen Shang
  • Ri Li
  • James Ruud
  • Masako Yamada
  • Liehui Ge
  • Ali Dhinojwala, University of Akron Main Campus
  • Manohar Sohal
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Droplet impact dynamics determines the performance of surfaces used in many applications such as anti-icing, condensation, boiling, and heat transfer. We study impact dynamics of water droplets on surfaces with chemistry/texture ranging from hydrophilic to superhydrophobic and across a temperature range spanning below freezing to near boiling conditions. Droplet retraction shows very strong temperature dependence especially on hydrophilic surfaces; it is seen that lower substrate temperatures lead to lesser retraction. Physics-based analyses show that the increased viscosity associated with lower temperatures combined with an increased work of adhesion can explain the decreased retraction. The present findings serve as a starting point to guide further studies of dynamic fluid-surface interaction at various temperatures. (C) 2012 American Institute of Physics. []
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Azar Alizadeh, Vaibhav Bahadur, Sheng Zhong, Wen Shang, et al.. "Temperature Dependent Droplet Impact Dynamics on Flat and Textured Surfaces" Applied Physics Letters Vol. 100 Iss. 11 (2012)
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