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The Use of Social Networks in Top Management - The Case in Chile
ESE Business School (2011)
  • Alfredo Enrione

• Survey taken in July 2011. Sample was 2,311 top managers from a universe of 17,052: Partners, Board Members, CEO and other officers in the executive suite

• Social networks are no longer exclusive to younger generations of students and lower rank employees. 77,2% of the sample used social networks

• Age was a good predictive variable: while 94% of those managers below 35 years old used social networks only 32% of those above 70 years old used them

• CEOs are at a disadvantage, board members and lower ranking officers use social networks more intensively than CEOs

• Women are more intense users: 87,5% of women as opposed to 75,9% amongst men

• 70% of managers invest relevant time to their social networks, visiting them more than once a week

• Facebook and LinkedIn are the dominant social networks in the sample but Google+ has already taken the 5th place

• Managers use networks mostly to find information and news as well as keeping in touch with family and acquaintances. Nevertheless they are starting to use them to find new customers, to find technical information and marketing

  • social networks,
  • twitter,
  • facebook top management
Publication Date
July 1, 2011
Citation Information
Alfredo Enrione. "The Use of Social Networks in Top Management - The Case in Chile" ESE Business School (2011)
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