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Board Interlocking Strategies in Emerging Markets: The Case of Chile
Academy of Management Conference (2007)
  • Alfredo Enrione
  • Fernanzdo Zerboni

Interlocking directorates is a widely studied, applied measure of governance practice. Most of the research has been limited to data from developed countries and studies interlocking as an explanatory variable of other governance constructs. This work conceptualizes interlocking as a rational decision of the owner/controller of a company, as a dependent variable of board’s design, and applies the concepts in an emerging market business environment. We found significant associations between interlocking and firm characteristics such as ownership structure, industry and regulation. We finally draw some conclusions on the direct application of corporate governance theories in developing countries.

  • Board of directors,
  • interlocking,
  • corporate governance,
  • emerging markets
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Alfredo Enrione and Fernanzdo Zerboni. "Board Interlocking Strategies in Emerging Markets: The Case of Chile" Academy of Management Conference (2007)
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