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Internet surfing for kindergarten children : a feasibiliy study
Gifted Education International
  • Wai Sing, Alfred LOO, Lingnan University
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Journal article
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  • web-based language learning; kindergarten
The Internet is an effective learning tool for gifted children because it allows them to independently select the areas in which they have talent. The Internet also enables children to discover and maximize their potential. However, younger children might not have a large enough vocabulary to surf the Internet, even if they are gifted. For example, children who are creatively gifted might not have exceptional reading ability. To solve this problem, a special web browser was used to generate human speech according to the words that appeared on the web pages displayed. Experiments involving about 100 kindergarteners were conducted to assess the effectiveness of our approach. This paper demonstrates the feasibility of this web browser in enabling kindergarten children aged 3–6 years old to surf the Internet.
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Loo, A. (2012). Internet surfing for kindergarten children: A feasibility study. Gifted Education International, 28(2), 176-184. doi: 10.1177/0261429411435007