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Dr. Michael Baxter, C.S.C Engages with the Question: How Could There be A God When There is So Much Evil in The World?
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  • Michael Baxter, C.S.C, University of Notre Dame
  • Alfred Benney, Fairfield University
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How could there be a God when there is so much evil in the world? Dr. Michael Baxter shares his thoughts on the question of how there could be a God when there is evil in the world, which is a question he believes is posed from a position of disbelief. He does not think evil exists because God is causing it, but rather because humans are pulling away from God and creating evil. Dr. Baxter thinks that the real question on the topic of the existence of God with evil in the world is the question of “what does one do in the face of evil because one believes in God”. His answer to this question is that one takes on the suffering of the world in an attempt to alleviate it.

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About the interviewee:

The Rev. Dr. Michael J. Baxter, C.S.C, (Ph.D. Duke University, 1996) is Assistant Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. Baxter is interested in the interrelationship of theology, history, and ethics, with particular attention paid to the morality of war and Christian peacemaking. Baxter's long-term research focuses on the emergence and development of the Americanist Tradition in Catholic Social Ethics from World War I to the present. He has published articles in the DePaul Law Review, Pro Ecclesia, Communio, andThe Thomist, and he co-founded Andre House, a house of hospitality dedicated to serving the poor and homeless of downtown Phoenix. Baxter was a Fellow of the Kroc Institute and he also served as the National Secretary of the Catholic Peace Fellowship.

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Michael Baxter and Alfred Benney. "Dr. Michael Baxter, C.S.C Engages with the Question: How Could There be A God When There is So Much Evil in The World?" (2002)
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