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Intramolecular Glycosylation
Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry (2017)
  • Alexei Demchenko, University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • Xiao G. Jia
Carbohydrate oligomers remain challenging targets for chemists due to the requirement for elaborate protecting and leaving group manipulations, functionalization, tedious purification, and sophisticated characterization. Achieving high stereocontrol in glycosylation reactions is arguably the major hurdle that chemists experience. This review article overviews methods for intramolecular glycosylation reactions wherein the facial stereoselectivity is achieved by tethering of the glycosyl donor and acceptor counterparts.
Publication Date
September 29, 2017
Citation Information
Alexei Demchenko and Xiao G. Jia. "Intramolecular Glycosylation" Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry Vol. 13 (2017) p. 2028 - 2048
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