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Simulation of Inviscid Multi-Species Plasma Flow
9th Annual Conference of the CFD Society of Canada (2001)
  • Alexandre Martin
  • Marcelo Reggio
  • Jean-Yves Trépanier

A multi-species solver for plasma at thermodynamical equilibrium is developed. A numerical scheme, based on Roe's, is implemented with some modification regarding the average quantities. A perfect gas treatment is carried out for validations, and a quasi-real gas treatment is also presented. The latter takes into account the changes in the composition of the gas caused by fluctuations in temperature and density.

  • Simulation,
  • Plasma flow
Publication Date
May, 2001
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Citation Information
Alexandre Martin, Marcelo Reggio and Jean-Yves Trépanier. "Simulation of Inviscid Multi-Species Plasma Flow" 9th Annual Conference of the CFD Society of Canada (2001)
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