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Unpublished Paper
ID, Please
ExpressO (2013)
  • Alexandra Smith
ABTRACT ID, Please By Alexandra Smith Over the past decade a series of new federal and state laws have been enacted demanding identification as a pre-requisite for obtaining services. The initial impetus of the federal and state identification laws was to stop terrorism, money laundering, and vote fraud. The reality is that these laws affect much more than terrorists. Surprisingly, many people do not have government-issued identification; the impact of these new laws leave some people in precarious situations with “no way out”. This note will focus on the change in identification requirements from the year 2001 to 2013 examining the Patriot Act, the REAL ID Act, and changes to Medicare and Medicaid requirements. In addition, this note will discuss the synergism of the state voter ID laws and the REAL ID Act and will provide recommendations for changes in the federal law.
  • identification law,
  • REAL ID Act,
  • Patriot Act,
  • voter identification
Publication Date
September 11, 2013
Citation Information
Alexandra Smith. "ID, Please" ExpressO (2013)
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