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About Alexandra D. Lahav

My research is concerned with procedural justice. One of my areas of interest is innovative procedural mechanisms that can assist judges in solving complex cases. One example of such an innovative mechanism is the bellwether trial, where a judge will hold a series of representative trials and extrapolate the results to a larger class of litigants. I am particularly interested in the relationship between the rules of civil procedure and American democracy -- what do our rules for litigating say about the way we conceive the role of the courts in our democracy?
I am also currently researching lawyer responses to procedural injustice, focusing on examples from the American experience. To what extent are lawyers coopted by the unjust system when they participate, and what possibilities are there for lawyer resistance to injustice inside that system?


Present Ellen Ash Peters Professor of Law, University of Connecticut



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  • Torts
  • Civil Procedure
  • Complex Litigation
  • Professional Responsibility

Contact Information

65 Elizabeth Street
Hartford, CT 06105
(860) 570-5217