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About Alexander G Sabelnikov

Dr. Alex Sabelnikov is a multidisciplinary scientist with expertise in chemical and biological warfare, molecular biology and biophysics. He graduated from one of the best medical schools of the former Soviet Union (2nd Moscow State Medical Institute) He earned his Ph.D. degree in molecular genetics at Gamaleya Institute for Epidemiology and Microbiology, USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, and Sc.D. degree (the highest scientific degree in the former USSR/Russia) in biophysics at The Institute of Chemical Physics, USSR Academy of Sciences. Dr. Sabelnikov has published more than 80 open research papers and reviews in peer review journals, in addition to closed publications, reports, and patents. He also lectured graduate courses as a full Professor at Moscow State University and at the Center for Biotechnology of the Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology. Dr. Sabelnikov has almost 10 years of industrial experience as a vice president of research and development of several biotechnological companies (both in Russia and the US).
In the US, he worked for several years in the Departments of Biology and Non-proliferation and National Security of Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), NY. Since 2003 until August 15th, 2009, he was the Deputy Director of the Center for Security Studies and Research (dissolved at that time)and an Adjunct Visiting Associate Professor in Departments of Physics and Biology at East Carolina University. In 2006 he started lecturing graduate course of Bioterrorism and Biosecurity in Biology Department. Currently he holds a position of a guest scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory and is looking for a job


Present Guest Scientist, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Present Faculty Member, East Carolina University

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