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Unpublished Paper
Four hours passed from 8am today until noon
NA (2017)
  • Alexander Jackson, Boise State University
I explore a common-sense view of time’s passage, namely: what it is for time to pass is for particular amounts of time to pass between pairs of times. On this proposal, it is a fundamental fact that four hours passed from 8am today until noon, for example. First I clear up puzzlement about the rate of time’s passage. Time passes at lots of rates, but given that the fundamental facts about passage all take the proposed form, none of those rates metaphysically illuminates what it is for time to pass. Second, I show that an A-theory of time can happily adopt this view of passage. The resulting package rejects some orthodox metaphysical assumptions, yet it attractively articulates our pre-relativistic conception of time.    
  • passage of time,
  • rate of passage,
  • A-theory of time.,
  • metaphysics
Publication Date
September, 2017
Citation Information
Alexander Jackson. "Four hours passed from 8am today until noon" NA (2017)
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