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Aligning Employees Through Line of Sight
Articles and Chapters
  • Wendy R Boswell, Texas A&M University
  • John B Bingham, Cornell University
  • Alexander Colvin, Cornell University
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Aligning employees with the firm’s larger strategic goals is critical if organizations hope to manage their human capital effectively and ultimately attain strategic success. An important component of attaining and sustaining this alignment is whether employees have “line of sight” to the organization’s strategic objectives. We illustrate how the translation of strategic goals into tangible results requires that employees not only understand the organization’s strategy, they must accurately understand what actions are aligned with realizing that strategy. Using recent empirical evidence, theoretical insights, and tangible examples of exemplary firm practices, we provide thought-leaders with a comprehensive view of LOS, how it is created, how it can be enhanced or stifled, and how it can be effectively managed. We integrate LOS with current thinking on employee alignment to help managers more effectively benefit from understanding human capital potential.

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Boswell, W. R., Bingham, J. B., & Colvin, A. J. S. (2006). Aligning employees through “line of sight” [Electronic version]. Retrieved [insert date], from Cornell University, ILR School site:

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© Elsevier. Final version published as: Boswell, W. R., Bingham, J. B., & Colvin, A. J. S. (2006). Aligning employees through “line of sight”. Business Horizons, 49(6), 499-509. Reproduced with permission. All rights reserved.

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Wendy R Boswell, John B Bingham and Alexander Colvin. "Aligning Employees Through Line of Sight" (2006)
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