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3D Sonar Measurements in Wakes of Ships of Opportunity
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology
  • Alexander Soloviev, Nova Southeastern University
  • Christopher Maingot, Nova Southeastern University
  • Mike Agor, CodaOctopus Products, Inc.
  • Lou Nash, Measutronics Corporation
  • Keith Dixon, Measutronics Corporation
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  • Arctic,
  • Sea ice,
  • Seasonal forecasting,
  • Coupled models

The aim of this work is to test the potential capabilities of 3D sonar technology for studying small-scale processes in the near-surface layer of the ocean, using the centerline wake of ships of opportunity as the object of study. The first tests conducted in Tampa Bay, Florida, with the 3D sonar have demonstrated the ability of this technology to observe the shape of the centerlinewake in great detail starting from centimeter scale, using air bubbles as a proxy. An advantage of the 3Dsonar technology is that it allows quantitative estimates of the ship wake geometry, which presents new opportunities for validation of hydrodynamic models of the ship wake. Three-dimensional sonar is also a potentially useful tool for studies of air-bubble dynamics and turbulence in breaking surface waves.


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ONR award #: N00014-10-1-0938
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Alexander Soloviev, Christopher Maingot, Mike Agor, Lou Nash, et al.. "3D Sonar Measurements in Wakes of Ships of Opportunity" Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology Vol. 29 Iss. 6 (2012) p. 880 - 886 ISSN: 0739-0572
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