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Revised Strauss' Farabi, Shokri, 2(2)-3.pdf
Studia Humana (2013)
  • Alexander M Shokri, Free University of Berlin
This short inquiry is the abstract of the paper “Strauss’s Farabi”. It considers a contentious
comparison between the Farabi's political view and the Strauss’s one. At one part, it shows that
how Strauss skillfully diverged from Farabi's path, although common sense has always been
emphasized on their homogeneity. At the other part, it shows the other possible interpretation of
Farabi's works out of Strauss authority. For this purpose, and because of the wide range of works
from both thinkers, I will consider Farabi's "The philosophy of Plato” and Strauss’ “Farabi’s
Plato". These two works are already linked together with a view to the context of this article. It
must be discussed and analyze that how and why Strauss took such an interpretation from Farabi’s
works in the Farabi’s Plato. And whether he was fair in this respect?
  • Strauss,
  • Farabi,
  • Political philosophy,
  • Theo-Political Problem
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Alexander M Shokri. "Revised Strauss' Farabi, Shokri, 2(2)-3.pdf" Studia Humana Vol. 2 Iss. 2 (2013) p. 36 - 42 ISSN: ISSN 2299-0518
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