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Vision, Devotion, and Difficulty in the Psalter-Hours ‘of Yolande of Soissons’
The Art Bulletin
  • Alexa Sand, Utah State University
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College Art Association
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Moving beyond conventional approaches to Psalter illustration, the creators of this late-thirteenth-century French luxury prayer book strove for visual complexity as a means to an end. Closely studied, the cycle of illuminations that accompany the Psalter, depicting the Public Life of Christ, reveals a model for devotion in which the effort required to correlate texts and images both present and implied serves as the vehicle for spiritual elevation. Indicative of the inventive and often idiosyncratic visualities of late-medieval female devotion, the manuscript reminds modern viewers to look past the surface appearance of simplicity and legibility.
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Alexa Sand. "Vision, Devotion, and Difficulty in the Psalter-Hours ‘of Yolande of Soissons’" The Art Bulletin Vol. 87 Iss. 1 (2005) p. 6 - 23
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