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About Alex Stepick

I have been studying Miami and especially the impact of immigration on Miami for over 30 years. My most well known work is probably, City on the Edge (U California Press, 1994), which won both the Robert Park Award for the Best Book in Urban Sociology and the Anthony Leeds award for the Best Book in Urban Anthropology. I have also written extensively on Haitian refugees and was awarded the Margaret Mead Award from the American Anthropological Association and the Society for Applied Anthropology for my work with Haitians. I have written a couple of books with my FIU GSS colleague, Guillermo Grenier: Miami Now! (U Florida Press 1992) and This Land Is Our Land (U California Press, 2003) which also had Max Castro and Marvin Dunn as co-authors. I also co-wrote a book, Churches and Charity (Rutgers U Press, 2009), with another FIU GSS colleague, Sarah Mahler and Terry Rey who used to be in FIU’s Religious Studies Department. is an application of social capital theory to religious congregations. My previous work in general has been on immigrants, established residents, and power, focusing particularly on South Florida. With Carol Dutton Stepick I am writing a comprehensive review and revision of segmented assimilation theory.


Present Faculty Member, Florida International University

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