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Building a Curriculum Framework: Law, Lawyers and Society
  • Alex Steel, University of New South Wales
  • Glen Jeffreys
This report describes the development a model for sustainable curriculum development and re-invigoration in the School of Law, using LAWS 6210 Law, Lawyers and Society as a case study. In many approaches to curriculum review, there is an assumption that the rationale for the course is already determined and the review process is merely about deciding which teaching materials, or mode of teaching, are the best methods by which to achieve the aims. However, the approach described in this report allows each participant to share their understanding of what the course meant to them, therefore providing a much richer understanding of the aims and the potential of the course. By investing significant time in creating a common understanding of what the course could be used to achieve, and what the underlying rationales for the course were, the process became much more streamlined and there was a much greater degree of unanimity amongst the participants. The experience of the project has made it clear that for curriculum reform to be truly effective, significant time is required in order to consider the fundamental aims of acourse.
  • curriculum review,
  • legal education. learning outcomes
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Alex Steel and Glen Jeffreys. "Building a Curriculum Framework: Law, Lawyers and Society" (2006)
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