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Myth: Hard Work And Credentials Determine Employment Opportunities
"The way one's career develops has little to do with what one went to school for, envisioned, or carefully planned. Careers generally result from coincidence. Regardless of these facts, job seekers are told to endure extensive career testing and planning, or they are asked to create artificial networks that seldom lead to more than frustration. They are given tests that allegedly determine which careers a particular individual would excel in and be a good fit for based on his or her skills and interests, as if the individual would not excel in other careers as much, or as if being a "good fit" at a job would simply be a result of the role one plays instead of a complex string of factors that depend on various personal and job-related variables."

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Publication Date
Spring February 27, 2016
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"Myth: Hard Work And Credentials Determine Employment Opportunities" (2016)
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