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Workplace Bullying: A Form of Violence Pursued Under Title VII
  • Alev Dudek
Most of us associate bullying with children and schools. Rarely do we think of adults at a professional workplace. However, approximately 27 percent of American adults have past or current experience with bullying in the workplace. The actual numbers are most likely significantly higher.

Due to its psychological nature, bullying is often difficult to detect and can easily be confused with workplace conflict. Moreover, the lack of legal protections along with lack of proper policies and procedures in organizations discourages reporting this form of abuse, particularly because consequences, if any, are uncertain. Subsequently, victims are suffering in silence and perpetrators are safely and legally continuing the abuse.
  • bullying,
  • workplace violence,
  • employee abuse,
  • employee health,
  • public employer,
  • federal government
Publication Date
Winter February 2, 2017
Citation Information
Alev Dudek. "Workplace Bullying: A Form of Violence Pursued Under Title VII" (2017)
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