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GOP Denying Women Basic Economic Rights
  • Alev Dudek
As the self-identified party of small government and “maximum economic freedom and the prosperity freedom makes possible,” Republicans have been working hard to restrict women’s rights and coerce them to conform to traditional roles, such as abstaining from sex until marriage, getting married, having babies, and ideally, relying on their husbands to support them. Their opposition to paycheck fairness bills is consistent with these efforts. Although, the pay gap is in contradiction with encouraging productivity, economic activity, and the American Dream that the GOP is allegedly trying to promote or restore. 
  • Pay Gap,
  • Gender Discrimination,
  • Paycheck Fairness,
  • Equal Opportunity,
  • Equality
Publication Date
Fall November 19, 2015
Citation Information
Alev Dudek. "GOP Denying Women Basic Economic Rights" (2015)
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