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Messiah: A Performance of Handel's Messiah Oratorio
This creative work was originally published as: Wahroonga Adventist Television (Producer). (2013). Messiah: A performance of Handel's Messiah Oratorio [DVD]. Available from
  • Aleta King, Avondale College of Higher Education
  • Sohyun Eastham, Avondale College of Higher Education
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George Frederic Handel’s Messiah Oratorio was composed in 1741. Since receiving its premiere performance in Dublin, Ireland in 1742 this work has become a much-loved work that is frequently performed around the world, particularly as part of Christmas traditions. The Messiah Oratorio is also embedded into the musical culture of Avondale having received regular performances since the time of Professor George Greer who established the tradition in the 1940’s.

In keeping with Avondale’s musical traditions it was decided to stage a performance of this well-known and much loved oratorio but within that of a slightly new and different aural-visual contextual framework. Lyell Heise and Aleta King collaboratively decided to incorporate calligrapher Timothy Botts published work into a performance of Messiah. In 1991 Botts published an book of originals in which he calligraphically illustrates each biblical text set as lyrics to music by Handel in his Messiah Oratorio. Botts gave his permission for his original designs to be visually displayed on a screen simultaneously while the corresponding music was being performed.


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Performed by The Promise and Avondale Chamber Orchestra.

This creative work may be accessed from the Avondale Online Store.

Staff and Students of Avondale College may access Messiah from Avondale College Library (782.23092 H19 M56).

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Wahroonga Adventist Television (Producer). (2013). Messiah: A performance of Handel's Messiah Oratorio [DVD]. Available from