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Give Thanks
This creative work was originally published as: The Promise of Avondale. (2013). Give thanks [CD]. Psalter Music.
  • Aleta King, Avondale College of Higher Education
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The Promise is an Avondale College of Higher Education vocal ensemble dedicated to excellence. Formed in 2005, the ensemble represents the long and significant history of music at Avondale. Its repertoire ranges from the classics to contemporary gospel and jazz. The Promise tours extensively and Give Thanks is their third recorded album. Give Thanks is a reflective and meditative proclamation of faith by vocal ensemble The Promise. Recorded live in a chapel, the album features 13 classic and contemporary arrangements of hymns and songs in an acoustic choral style. Give Thanks is released through the Psalter Music label.

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The Promise of Avondale. (2013). Give thanks [CD]. Psalter Music.