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Direct Access to European Electricity Transmission Network
Utilities Law Review (2009)
  • Aleksander Kotlowski, University of Oxford
The article analyses the European Court of Justice judgment in the case Julius Sabatauskas and Others concerning direct access to electricity transmission networks. It considers whether third party access rights guaranteed by Directive 2003/54/EC include a right to connect to a transmission system. Anticompetitive effects of the narrow interpretation of ‘third party’ and a distinction between ‘connection’ and ‘access’ adopted by the ECJ are examined. It is argued that the judgment should not be interpreted as a universal approval of restrictions on connecting new customers to transmission systems.
  • Directive 2003/54/EC,
  • third party access,
  • electricity transmission network,
  • Sabatauskas case
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Aleksander Kotlowski. "Direct Access to European Electricity Transmission Network" Utilities Law Review Vol. 17 Iss. 3 (2009)
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