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About Aleksander Kotlowski

ALEKSANDER KOTLOWSKI 's legal practice and research interests focus upon European Competition law and regulation of the Internal Energy Market. He lectures on European Law and energy. He acts as an arbitrator in commerical disputes.
Aleksander Kotlowski postgraduate research was at the University of Oxford, previously he graduated in Law from the University of Cambridge with the specialisation in commercial law (LLM Cantab). Previously, he graduated summa cum laude in Law from Warsaw University (MPhil), studied at Universite de Fribourg in Switzerland (diplome de qualite) and at Catholic University of America in Washington (certificate of distinction).
Aleksander Kotlowski has worked for various financial institutions (including JPMorgan investment banking division in London), where he gained experience in energy and infrastructure investment projects. He was a financial co-ordinator of A2 national highway project in Poland. He then went on to serve as an executive director of the largest private gas trading company in Poland (Bartimpex) and as a board member of BWE Bank, Polish Railways (national railways carrier) and an energy conglomerate Elektrim SA as well as SPIH SA in Switzerland.


Present Faculty Member, University of Oxford